The Luxury Brand In US --- Kate Spade

- Mar 25, 2019-

Kate Spade is a US luxury brand founded in 1993. At the time, Kate Brosnahan Spade, who was the editor of the fashion magazine Mademoiselle, decided to design the perfect handbag. In the original six design outlines, she blended simple and practical shapes with rich colors in a completely different way, thus kate spade new york came into being.


In June last year, Kate Brosnahan Spade committed suicide due to depression. Recently, the first series of new creative director Nicola Glass officially appeared. With the launch of this 2019 spring and summer collection, the brand announced a new logo.


The new LOGO removes the brand's signature "Black Heart" symbol, leaving only the words "Kate Spade New York", and the main color of the brand has changed from the previous green to pink.