The Maintenance Of 3D Car Logos

- Jul 23, 2019-

Now 3D car logos can be seen everywhere, in car 4s shop, auto repair shop, car modification shop and so on. How to maintain the 3D vacuum forming car logo after it is finished? The following is a description of the maintenance considerations for 3D vacuum forming car logo.

3D car logos need regular maintenance. When it damaged , it must not be repaired and dismantled. Professionals should be asked to carry out maintenance. Otherwise, the car logo products will be seriously damaged to bring huge losses.


Avoid sharp objects to scratch the surface of the 3D car logo, we must pay attention to protect the 3D car standard products in daily life. The installation height of large-scale vehicle standards must also reach a certain standard range, and it cannot be installed too low, otherwise it is easy for people to collide with the vehicle standard equipment


The 3D car logo needs to be kept in dry state at any time. Once found the water on the surface, it should be wiped off in time to avoid power failure due to water erosion. Also, the 3D car logo need to be scrubbed frequently, because they are often placed outdoors, so there will be more dust, which needs to be cleaned up in time to make the surface brighter and keep the standard equipment in good operation, be better to serve people's work.