The Mold Knowledge About Cadillac Logo

- Jul 09, 2019-

In the production  of the car logo, the custom process of the Cadillac logo is one of the more complicated ones in the customized production of many car logos. The famous Corolla Shield badge used in the Cadillac logo symbolizes its leading position in the automotive industry. The following are mold knowledges about  Cadillac logo.

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The shield logo of the Cadillac logo, the corolla retains the existing color combination - golden and pure black, symbolizing wisdom and wealth. Red, symbolizing action and courage. Silver white, representing purity, kindness, virtue and prosperity. Blue, representing the spirit of chivalrous chivalry. The logo is based on the color of platinum.

The overall shape of the Cadillac logo is shielded, and the middle is composed of many different sizes of color blocks. For this irregular shaped car logo , we need to do is to make the mold firstly.

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There are four common molds on the market: plaster molds, vacuum coating copper molds, wood molds and aluminum molds. Under normal circumstances, if the number of Cadillac customized products is only one or two, the quantity is small. In consideration of cost considerations, wood molds are generally used for production. Of course, if the Cadillac logo has a large number of customized products, it is recommended to use a high-cost aluminum mold, so that there will be no deviation in product size during the production of the later products.