The New Brand LOGO Of Bank Of America

- Nov 20, 2018-

The establishment of the Bank of America can be traced back to the Bank in Massachusetts in 1784 which is the second Bank with a long history just after JPMorgan Chase. Bank of America has about 5600 branches and 16200 ATM points in 150-plus countries around the world. In terms of assets, it is the second largest commercial Bank, second only to JPMorgan Chase.

In 1998, bank of America had changed the LOGO. The shape of LOGO as "blanket" was simplified directly from the flag of the United States, removed the more complex elements, such as to delete the stars on the flag, reduce stripes between blue and red .


On November 16, 2018 in the afternoon local time, Bank of America in Charlotte launched a new brand image design. According to the company said, this is the first time to adjust main figures of Bank of America since twenty years ago to use the stars and stripes.


Seeing new LOGO released, some people may not notice where are the subtle changes. After the adjustment, the stripes narrow on Stars and Stripes, the space between the stripes also reached the balance and unity on the vision . Color also have larger changes than before, such as the bright blue adjusted to relatively dark.

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In addition to the adjustment in graphics and color, font also made corresponding changes. The new LOGO will be focused on capital letters. In a press release, the Bank of America said, " restore the brand image made it more modern, which can provide advanced technology and efficient solution for customers. In addition, the company will also launch a new advertising campaign, the advertisement will premiere during NBC's NFL game on Sunday.