The New Logo Design Of SEIBAN

- Apr 22, 2019-

Founded in 1919, SEIBAN is a top leather hard bag manufacturer in Japan with a 30% share in the leather hard bag market. The Angel Wings bag is made by SEIBAN for the production of the highest quality leather hard bag in Japan. The Angel Wings Book Bag is known as a Japanese child. The LV in the bag world is designed and designed to achieve the “durability”, “safety”, “burden reduction effect”, Convenience and so on.


Recently, SEIBAN celebrated the company's 100th anniversary, the company released a new brand logo and slogan. At the same time, the 100th anniversary logo was also launched. The new logo will be fully operational from March 28, 2019. In the future, SEIBAN will open its doors and cooperate with other companies to develop into a manufacturing company focused on children's household products to achieve a “smile life” for families around the world.


The new logo will focus on the “i” of SEiBAN (i=Manufacture of Love), the blue dot above “i” represents the earth, expressing SEIBAN to pass love to the whole world, and also indicates that the company is turning from Japan The determination of the global market. The new font is more like a soft “leather” that expresses SEIBAN's historical origins in leather goods.