The Process Of Acrylic Thumb Light Box

- Jul 22, 2019-

Shanghai Bobang Signage has been custom-made for various types of car logos, outdoor billboards, acrylic blister, LED light boxes, large-sized plastic, shaped blister, and luminous characters. Let's take the example of making an acrylic shaped thumb light box.

The thumb light box is divided into six parts from confirmation to delivery. It mainly includes molds, face covers, bottom covers, screw assemblies, LED light sets, and packaging.

First, the mold: both the cover and the bottom cover have wooden molds.


Second, the cover: 5mm lamp white acrylic screen printing,vacuum forming, black paint on the side. The outside is 15mm white. Screen printing and blister must be aligned accurately.

Third, the bottom cover: 4mm ABS board plastic, black paint on the outside, LED light on the inside, side lock screws, and the screw position of each product is the same. Our company purchases screw assembly parts by ourselves.


Fourth, each set is equipped with 2 sets of Y-shaped pendants, each set is 1 long strip, one is screwed to the bottom cover, and one is left to the customer to install on the wall.


Fifth, install waterproof LED (using double-sided adhesive on the bottom of the LED itself, the side of the road to play Corning which has UL certified silicone) insulation sleeve and thick line according to the sample provided by the customer. No transformers are required.

Sixth, packaging: export use wooden box packaging, each LOGO use alone wooden box, a total of 10 wooden boxes.