The Process Of Angled Light Boxes

- Jul 15, 2019-

Vacuum forming light boxes, also has different types, for some special shape light boxes, their processing is more different.


The production of angled light boxes is even more rare, so people who need them do not know how to make them, so they are very special in the production of materials. The angled light boxes need to be made in two sections, and the blanking process of the light boxes needs to be followed. A certain formula can be calculated accurately, and the calculation formula of the material is: L (long) = W (width) + 2H (high) - 55 mm (profile stretching) to calculate how much material to use.


The manufacturing step of the angled light box is followed by bending, measuring one end of the material according to the required height, then returning to the position where the positioning is made, aligning the position of the ruler and the material, and folding the material of the light box into a folding box. In a curved machine, make the desired camber shape.