The Small Adjustment Of C&A

- Sep 10, 2018-

The famous European fashion retail brand C&A founded in 1841, is known by providing fashionable and inexpensive fashion and accessories. The company's headquarters stand in Brussels, Belgium and Dusseldorf, Germany, has employees approximately 30,000 in Europe, Latin America and has more than 1,400 stores in China, and is available seen in almost every city. Its sub-brands include Clockhouse, Westbury and Your Sixth Sense.


C&A quietly adjusted its LOGO early this spring. Due to the small adjustment, and the official did not give further explanation, it did not attract everyone's attention for a long time. The adjusted new LOGO not only changed the color, but also enlarged the elliptical area of the white background, and the font and external shape also changed significantly.


As early as 1958, C&A began to introduce red and blue corporate colors in its own logo and has been used still now. This update will abandon the blue of one of the core parts of C&A visual identity, and adopt red as its core color.