Toyota 4S Shop Light Strip

- Aug 19, 2019-

A light strip is a very common thing, also known as a light threshold. Whether it's a 4S shop, a large car store, an auto parts city or a car modification store, we'll see the lights on the front door.

During the day, the illuminating strip may be ignored by us because it can be used as a mirror when the light source is not turned on. However, as soon as night falls, it will work immediately. Our nostalgia for a car brand begins with its distinctive light strip. Now let's take a look at the Toyota 4S shop lighting strip.


Compared with the traditional 4S shop logo, the Toyota 4S shop light strip has many advantages such as wide field of view, light  and more fashion. The light strips are made at a higher level in the production process,  is more elaborate. If the traditional luminous car logo is to meet the needs of night propaganda, then the Toyota 4S shop light strip is more like an art, you can not only find the target with it, but also appreciate the beauty when passing it.