Update Hotel Or Lose Business

- Oct 26, 2018-

Comfort is the largest and most rewarding brand under the Choice Hotel International, and is a pioneer in light-star hotels. It has been rated as “the best business travel hotel brand in the United States” and “the best franchise chain hotel brand in the United States”. As of September 2014, Comfort has opened 1,787 hotels worldwide, with 111 hotels under construction, providing a total of more than 147,000 guest suites.


Recently, Comfort has launched a new brand image design. It is reported that the new LOGO comes from the hands of New York brand consulting and design agency Landor. The brand name with orange Big C, dark blue Comfort , the new LOGO combines the Comfort Inn, Comfort Inn & Suites and Comfort Suites brands. The head of Comfort brand, Megan Brumagim, said that this not only helps attract new guests, but also attracts old guests who don't often live in recent years.


The top of the updated logo is a cherry, which means the brand has been changing. John Bonds, senior vice president of operations and technology at Select International Hotel Group, said that the Comfort brand reinvented since five years ago.“At that time we realized that our flagship brand needed to be transformed, revitalized and updated. Our guests know very well – Update your hotel or lose our business."