Wien Had Designed New City Brand

- Apr 12, 2019-

The Austrian capital and largest city of Wien is also the second largest city in the German-speaking world, second only to Berlin, Germany. For centuries, Vienna has been the center of classical music and opera, and has been hailed as the “City of Music”. Vienna's classical music is famous in the world. It has contributed countless composers for centuries and still influences and inspires contemporary musicians.


Recently, the Vienna City Government announced a new urban brand LOGO, which is the first time in 20 years to redesign the brand. In addition, the city government will cooperate with the new LOGO to propose new innovation and digital promotion programs to create a more influential smart media city.


The new LOGO continues to retain the red shield-shaped cross pattern in the Vienna badge, reducing the width of the middle cross section of the shield and leaving more room for the red shield.